Brag About Her

Why is it that so many women feel unloved? Why do so many women feel unappreciated? What is it that we do, or don’t do that leaves them with this sense of insecurity?

I am sure that many of you tell your wives or girlfriends that you love them. I have spoken with many men who tell me they do this but know that it is not enough. Even so, they don’t know what to do about it. It is simple, brag about them. Brag about them to your family. Brag about them to your friends. Brag about them to your coworkers.

Remember when you first fell in love. How easy it was to talk about her. How easy it was to tell others about the great new girl you were dating. How great she looked on a date. How great she was with your family. If you didn’t feel this way or talk this way, you need to look at your choice in prospective women or worse yet your problem with pride. If the people around you weren’t sick of hearing about her, there is something wrong. It should be just like when you have a new baby. We have all been around new parents. The constant bragging about how smart their kid is because they said Mama at 13 months old. (Months after any other normal kid.) But that’s awesome. That is how it is supposed to be with parents. They should brag about their kids, always. They should be their biggest advocate.

That is also how it should be with husbands and wives. I cannot tell you how many times I have been in a social setting and heard women brag about their husbands. Even more, they so often defend their man when anything remotely derogatory is said or insinuated about their husband or something he did. Where are all the men to do this for the women they love.

I can’t possibly know each of your situations to help you find things to brag about but I can tell you how I do it everyday. You see, I am blessed. I have the most amazing wife God has ever created. She is talented. She is smart. She is wise. She is kind. Oh my gosh is she kind. She is an incredible mother. She is a magnificent wife.

I have mentioned it before, her name is Janine. Janine has almost singlehandedly created all the marketing material for my company. Every time someone mentions our materials, I tell them Janine created them. I tell them of her brilliance. I try to do it in front of her every time she is near. She also is an amazing interior designer. When someone comes to our office and sees how beautifully it is designed, I tell them about Janine  and what she did. How she designed everything they see and how she ran the construction without any prior experience. When she is in the office, I take them to introduce them to Janine and brag about it all over again in front of her. She also designed and ran the construction of her home that has now become our family home. Being the great entertainer that she is, I often have the opportunity to have people in our home. No one has ever entered our home without hearing me brag about what she has done there. When I am with our family and friends, I take the time to tell them all how she has loved my kids and how she has loved me. That each of our lives have been immeasurably changed by her hand, her touch, her words, her love. I tell my friends how she writes me love notes. How she makes me laugh. I tell them all. And I do it in front of her. I know that it can be embarrassing for her but I don’t care. I would rather have her embarrassed by my unending love for her, my feelings of pride for her, my awareness of all that she does, than to have her go to bed one night with any question of how I feel.

This is what you must do. Make a list of things your girl has done. It doesn’t matter how trivial they may seem to you. Find her strengths, find her victories, and tell the whole world about them. No matter how broken your relationship might feel today, take the step to brag about her. BE A MAN


4 Responses to Brag About Her

  1. darlingdamsel says:

    When my relationship with M was falling apart, I sent him a list of ‘what a women needs.’ Appreciation rated very highly. We all need water to grow and sunlight for our soul to flourish. Its so basic and yet so often just forgotten.

    Lovely blog! Thanks for the comment on mine.

    • Ken Kendall says:

      Thanks for taking the time. Helping couples have great relationships is truly my passion. Please tell any couples you know about this blog. I would really appreciate it.

  2. missanna0890 says:

    thanks for writing this. it really speaks to my heart.

    • Ken Kendall says:

      Thanks for your feedback. While this blog has been a great experience for myself, it is effecting others that is the ultimate goal for me. I hope you will come back often and continue to give me your comments and feedback.

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