My confession

I have a confession. I love writing this blog. I had forgotten how much I love writing in general but writing this blog really makes me happy. I feel good about the topic, I feel good about the advice, and I feel good that I may be actually helping some of you.

The confession is that, since I started this, I think I have been failing to heed my own advice. This thing takes so much time. It is so all consuming that I think I have not been giving the focus, attention and interest that I have been espousing to the amazing wife I have told you all about. You might be wondering how I stumbled across this hidden revelation. It was actually quite insightful on my part. On Sunday, my wife looked at me and said, “Ever since you started this blog thing you always have your face in the computer.” I am sure you are duly impressed with my deductive reasoning to take that little hint and determine that I have to be more careful, more considerate, and a much better husband.

The funny thing is she also now tells me all the time that she is going to tell all of you when ever I screw up. I wish you all knew her. She has the most amazing sense-of-humor. Even the few comments she has made have all been in fun but I am aware of it nonetheless.

For those of you that might not be familiar with what really goes into keeping up a daily blog and also trying to let others know your here, it is a lot of work. I spend about 7 hours a week on writing and editing the posts. I spend at least that in surfing other blogs, reading them, offering thought out comments and leaving them the link back to my blog for them to check it out. I use the wordpress tag surfer as well as and technorati. And finally, I spend another couple of hours doing research on how to make my blog successful so that it can effect as many people as possible.

I know that many of you have read my about page and know that I already have a very busy life. I have six children, 1 grandson, two companies of my own and consult for a dozen more. I surely didn’t need this blog to fill the empty spaces but I am so glad that I have it.

I would never have done all this had I not been inspired by the great blog my son writes, I hope you all will give it a look. It is full of great wisdom from a young man I am so proud of.

That’s it for today. Just my confession and attempt to keep myself accountable to my wife, my family and to all of you. This has been a great experience for me already and I hope you all are enjoying it to.

As my dad always says, “Make it a great day.”


19 Responses to My confession

  1. marriagevent says:

    Funny! I was just going to ask today why you were spending so much time on the blog when you have an adoring wife and happiness right there at home! You don’t need to blog for a means to get happy! 🙂

    I think it is great that you are sharing what you have learned to help others. Failing at marriage has caused me to feel so much shame. I appreciate your willingness to try to educate others about what you have learned and practice in your happy marriage!

    Blessings to you both!

    • Ken Kendall says:

      I don’t know if you have read my about page but I too feel the pain in failure from my first marriage. It is awful.

      As to why do I keep blogging now that I know what is involved; there was a time in my life that God put on my heart to write a story from the Bible told in a novel in modern times. I neglected that urging and missed His blessing. Today I feel His urging once again to do the work I am doing here and want to be obedient. Although I also want to maintain some balance with my other responsibilities.

  2. IntrigueMe says:

    I had been thinking that myself, lol!

  3. alrtheblog says:

    So, are you going to keep writing?

    • Ken Kendall says:

      Absolutely. I love it and think I will be able to do great things with this blog for my wife, my family, for myself, and all of you.

      I hope you all feel the same.

  4. Amanda says:

    I always wonder why people feel the need to blog. Really there are so many other important things that make a bigger impact you can do in your own home. Spend time away from the computer is the best advice anyone gave me!

    • Ken Kendall says:

      I am sure that there are many people that are merely wasting time by blogging rather than taking care of their other responsibilities or just living.

      That aside, I have found in my life that I often would miss the opportunities that life had for me, if I decided which were worth the effort before I ever put it forth.

      As to spending time away from the computer, you are right. I don’t want to spend any time sitting here more than is required.

      Thanks for your comment

  5. IntrigueMe says:

    Because blogging is fun and therapeutic. Sometimes it’s the best way to vent or get out your thoughts. And some people just like to write as much as you might like to do other things in your home. To each their own, darling.

    • teachmelife says:

      well, well, well, well said….

    • Ken Kendall says:

      You are so right. Each of us has their own reason for doing the things we do. Some of them noble, some of them silly, and I am sure some of them for less than admirable reasons.

      But as for me, I blog because it feels good to write. I blog because I think what I am saying will help somebody. I blog because my son blogs. I blog because I can.

      I am thankful for all those reasons.

  6. alrblog says:

    That’s why I keep my blog, pure therapy. It’s just writing, more people should do it.

  7. lifewithoutinstructions says:

    Well Ken I finally arrived. Its all about moderation!! Step away from the blog a bit and back into the world. You will be amazed at how many more things you will find to write about. Love this blog thus far and will return. Thanks so much for visiting me. Blessings!

    • Ken Kendall says:

      Thank you so much for coming. You are so right. There is nothing that I write about that I have not seen in my life as I live it. It is all retelling of my experiences, failures and successes.

      I know there are not any instructions for what you are going through but I pray that you will go through strong nonetheless.

      Keep coming by when you have a chance.

      Blessings to you as well.

  8. Sajib says:

    Ken, I heard that every passionate writer likes to help others improve their writing skill. I’m one of those who are badly in need of improving writing skill. Since I ain’t a native English speaker, I feel so limited while writing something in English (except technology-related articles. Check out

    Would you like to be my teacher (of course, at no cost ;)? Seriously.

    I’ve added you on my Gtalk. If possible, accept the request.

    • Ken Kendall says:

      Hi Sajib,

      There are many things that I am capable of but teaching someone to write would not be one of them. I am sure that there are many helpful sites on the web that will help you improve your writing skills.

      Best of luck to you.

  9. brad says:

    love when your dad says that…so right back to you (and him): Make it a great day…and weekend.

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