Catch up on your reading

I recently did something with my wife that I have never done before. Prior to this it had never even crossed my mind that she would enjoy it. I have always been an avid reader. I cannot get enough of it. I love everything about reading. Whether it be the Bible, a novel, a magazine, a newspaper, believe it or not, even a cereal box will do in a pinch. One night Janine asked me what I was reading. She never knows because I use a Kindle to do most of my reading. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is an electronic book. I tell everyone it is the greatest material gift I have ever received. I got it from, guess who, Janine. I had to be truthful with her and all of you, so I will tell you, as I told her; I was reading the second book of the Twilight series. She looked at me and asked if I would read it to her.

I really can’t explain why this was such a great experience, but I can tell you that it was. Over the next few days I read the second half of the book to her after giving her the background of what had already happened in the story. I held her in one arm while I held the book in the other and just read. At the risk of hyperbole, it was one of the most romantic and special times we have ever shared together. The book was a little silly and is written more for teenagers than what I would normally enjoy but we had such a good time reading it together.

Now I am not suggesting that each of you start reading to your spouses. I know that reading is not something that everyone enjoys as much as I do. But I would suggest that you try new things with your wife. Get out of your comfort zone and experience things with her. Take her to a museum, take her to a play or musical, or maybe take her to a park and play catch. Just try new things.

It is not as important what you do with your wife as it is important that you just do things with her. Spend time with her. Share things with her. Show her how important she is to you and that you love to just be with her. If you can’t come up with anything else, stop at the book store and pick up a book. You just might find yourself reading your way to happiness.


3 Responses to Catch up on your reading

  1. Sajib says:

    As well as you do, I also love to read. But the main problem is described here: >> I like English better. Countless books I’ve read on Google Books but unfortunately I understood none of them.

    I love to write and Read — both in English. But I need someone’s help to improve.

  2. darlingdamsel says:

    Hey Ken

    I have a question for you. How does a woman get a man to commit? I am just curious … I recently seem to date men who are forever not ‘claiming’ the relationship and while that may have more deep seated issues … it may not? And well, I thought you may just have a bit of insight!

    (smile … sorry, putting you in it per se)


    • Ken Kendall says:

      Hi Stefanie,

      It has been my experience that men who don’t commit have only two possible issues that they are dealing with and neither is going to be what you probably want to hear.

      But here goes nothing.

      1. They don’t have any intention of committing at this point whether it be you or anyone else. They have made up their mind that they don’t have to commit to get what they want and many women have allowed them to get away with it. The only hope for these guys is for them to get shut down enough times to realize they don’t like it. When they realize that the only way to have what they want is to commit to it, they will change.

      2. They don’t want to commit to you specifically. If this is the case, you want to run, not walk. This is a terrible situation. Some guys will hang on just because nothing better has come along but they are always looking. If a man doesn’t show you a growing relationship full of respect, adoration and love, hit the road. No amount of work on your part will change it.

      If a man is not willing to commit to you, stop seeing him. There are men out there that will love you as I describe here in the blog. Don’t wait for a loser to become a winner. Go find a winner.

      I hope that helps. It is honest. I would like to know what you think about it.

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