Make today count

It is so easy to go through life existing, waiting for something in the future, ignoring how important today really is. When we focus on what is yet to be, or on things yet to happen, we miss the opportunity to effect those we love today.

John Ruskin said, “Let every dawn be to you as the beginning of life, and every setting sun be to you as its close.” That is truly the secret of  life. The secret to a great life. The secret to making your life count.

When we forget that today is important, that is valuable, we neglect to do all we can to have an impact with our life. We neglect to have an impact on our marriage and our family. We fail to be important.

The knowledge that there will always be a tomorrow, gives us a false sense of security that we will always have a tomorrow. Another day to tell our wives we love them. Another day to show our kids how important they are to us. Another day to do the things we are always saying we want to do, someday.

Don’t let the surety of another day in the world lull you into missing the opportunity that today really is. Make sure that you live life to the fullest everyday. Take the time to do today what you would do if it was your last. Tell your wife that she is the most important person in your life. Tell her how she has made your life better. Tell her about the things you appreciate in her. Tell your kids what they have done that you are proud of. Encourage everyone in your family through your words of affirmation. And teach them how to do the same. Teach them the importance of today.

Make this your goal. Live determined to rest at the end of each day content with your accomplishments of the day. To know that you have finished this day well even if it is your last.


4 Responses to Make today count

  1. ollda97 says:

    Depends on why the marriage is ‘bad,’ in part because i’ve read a great deal from this. I am not sure why today’s scripture sandwiched suffering between readings on marriage and commitment. Also not sure why, in response to the Matthew quote, ‘wife’ was taken out…
    You are right in saying it is important to be content with what one did well today.

    • Ken Kendall says:

      Thanks 97.

      It is easy to lose sight of the value of just one day. But if we can make each day count to the fullest, we will have achieved a far greater life than ever imagined.

  2. Amen — no where I we promised another day, another hour, or another moment…we need to fill every second with things of spiritual worth and when we fail to do so (which we will) not beat ourselves into reclusive submission, rather bringing our reciepts to the foot of the cross and leaving them there.

    • Ken Kendall says:

      Thanks for the additional reminder Dave, that as hard as we try we will still come up short everyday, and that there is no value in beating ourselves up over it. And thank God that the cost for our failures was paid in full through the blood of Jesus Christ.

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