You take my breath away

As many of you know, my wife Janine has changed my life in so many ways that I often have a hard time getting my hands around it all. But what I can clearly see above all else is who she is as a person and all her abilities and accomplishments. She is truly amazing. She is so talented. She is kind to everyone. She is a great mother. She is a great friend.

I was reading a tweet that reminded me that, “Life isn’t about the number of breaths we take, but the moments that take our breath away.” That is truly how I live today. Janine takes my breath away almost everyday. She does this in myriad ways. I want to share some of them with you in hopes that you will see opportunities to have your breath taken away by your wife and the things she does.

The easiest one for me to recall is that her beauty takes my breath away. Yes, I mean her physical appearance and form. I can honestly say that each day, when I look at her, I am some how more attracted to her. She is more beautiful to me everyday. I don’t know how this can be or how to explain it. But when I look at her each day, I am overwhelmed by how she appears to be more beautiful than the day before. I know that I thought the same thing yesterday, but looking at her, I am certain that I have never seen her look as beautiful as she does today. She takes my breath away.

When I watch her play with the kids, so loving, so compassionate, so selfless, I am amazed by this woman. She loves in a way I cannot understand or comprehend. She loves completely. She loves with her whole body and soul. She takes my breath away.

When I am in a bad mood, she overlooks it and tries to make it better. She does something to make me laugh. Or she does something to change the direction of my thoughts. She changes my mood. She is like no one I have ever known. She takes my breath away.

When things are tough at work, or money is too tight, she tells me how proud of me she is. She tells me how she has faith in me. She tells me how she trusts me. She makes it about our love and our family, not the situation we are in. She takes my breath away.

When she is hurting or is sad, she tells me how she is feeling. She tells me her fears. She doesn’t point the finger or place the blame on me. She just authentically opens her soul and talks to me. She takes my breath away.

I know that it is all these things that she does that makes her more beautiful to me everyday and that takes my breath away all over again. I am so blessed to have a life of moments that take my breath away.

I hope you will take notice of your wife and what she does. It is not that anyone is perfect or is able to do it right every time, but if you will allow yourself to be taken by her acts of kindness, her acts of love, you will be blessed with a life of moments that take your breath away.


6 Responses to You take my breath away

  1. reesielady says:

    I think you could be an inspiration to many men. You have very admirable qualities and you write beautifully.

    • it’s an inspiration to stay single and unmarried. All I need is some woman telling me we don’t have enough money! I have money because I don’t waste it on women or kids. I can spend time with a woman and as soon as she starts nagging, I kick her to the curb like an old mule. This type of behavior is weak and make it look like the man is sucking up to the woman who has the power in this type of arrangement. As soon as the man does something the woman doesn’t like she will blast the man and he will be forced to beg for mercy. I call the shots in my relationships. If a woman steps out of line, she is tossed into the recycle bin.

      • Ken Kendall says:

        Hey Zero,

        I am sure that it may seem like weakness to you, but I can assure you, it is strength that I describe. The strength to lead in a family. The strength to encourage in a family. The strength to be a leader, an example, a provider, and so much more.

        I understand that you have no desire for marriage at this time and that’s all good. It would be a shame to go into a marriage when you don’t place any value on it or women in general. But if you ever change your mind, I hope to hear about it and talk with you more.

        Have a great day. I love that you keep coming back. You and all the others are always welcome. I like a discussion where we all don’t agree but all agree to be respectful of each other and their opinions.

    • Ken Kendall says:

      Thanks Lady. I really appreciate the encouragement. I know that this is not for everybody, but to those that want to have a great marriage, I hope they always find help and inspiration here.

  2. finneycc says:

    Thanks for your comments on my post, Ken, I really appreciate it. I love how honest you are in your posts – they are really uplifting. A happy marriage is probably the most heart-warming institution that exists, and I’m impressed at your dedication, your sensitivity, and your awareness that a relationship is a full-time job!

  3. dreamexpress says:

    Hi, Ken,

    I thought I’d dropped by and find what your blog is about. I love your writing! It is straight from the heart and the gut. I loved this post “You take my breath away.” It is a nurturing, joyful experience to hear a man sharing his feelings and committed to his relationship. I also enjoyed your expression of love for Janine. You are very lucky. She seems to be an amazingly loving woman. She is also lucky that you can value her and that you are committed to her, to the relationship, and also important, to your own integrity and evolution. I am so glad to have visited you. As I am a romantic at heart, I really enjoy sharing with those who cultivate their romance.

    Light and love,
    Maria Mar
    The Dream Alchemist

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