That stands for laughing-out-loud for those of you not up to speed with the texting that happens on almost every phone in America today. Okay. So it’s a little cliche. So it’s a little cheesy using the texting language to bring up laughter. But there is nothing cheesy or unimportant about the value of laughter in our marriage and our home.

Michael Pritchard said, “We don’t stop laughing because we grow old; We grow old because we stop laughing.” That goes for our marriages as well. We don’t stop laughing with our sweethearts because of the struggles we all face. We succumb to those struggles and feel overwhelmed because we stop laughing.

I am so fortunate that I married a girl that makes me laugh everyday. She has the best sense of humor I have ever known. She makes me laugh with her jokes about me. She makes me laugh with her jokes about herself. She makes me laugh when she tickles me. She makes me laugh when she plays with the kids. But most of all she makes me laugh when she laughs.

Laughing is one of the most life giving things that I experience in our home. Just writing this and thinking of how Janine makes me laugh is making me feel better. It overcomes any negative feelings I am feeling.

That is what we have to bring into our homes everyday. We have to bring joy and happiness and especially laughter. There are so many things in each of our lives that bring solemnity and harsh realities. There are so many things that bring a sense of dread or fear into our homes. And sometimes the only medicine for this is laughter. Sometimes we can’t change the realities we face but we can change our outlook.

Our wives need to be able to count on us to lighten the heavy load they bare. Sometimes that is through helping around the house. Sometimes it is through getting them out and away from the situation. But sometimes nothing more is needed than a good laugh at the situation.

Try each day to make your wife laugh. For some of you, it is just being willing to be silly. For others, you know how to tell a story about your day with great humor. Still others might be good at telling a joke. Whatever you can do to make your wife laugh, do it. And if you really feel humor challenged, stop and get a funny movie or a DVD of a stand-up comedian. Use whatever means you have to bring laughter and a lighter mood into your home and marriage.


One Response to LOL

  1. caliblue says:

    laughing is like making love. sharing your day is a simple pleasure that just makes you feel good. sometimes it’s a bad day but if (me) i can get him to makes him feel better and we go from there.

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