The difference between men and women

I know that it is politically incorrect to say that men and women are different. Just by saying so, a man is deemed to mean that they are unequal and furthermore that men are better. That is not the truth. The truth is we are just different.

I don’t know who said it but I always loved the saying, “When women are depressed they either eat or go shopping. Men invade another country.” As much as I often use hyperbole to make my points, and as much as this is hyperbole at it finest, it is nonetheless very poignant and to the point of our differences.

We must always be aware that as men, we react differently to situations than women. When things are difficult at home, we can tend to be more offensive. We even tend to be more aggressive. When things are difficult at work, we often bring that struggle or difficulty home with us and give it to our family in the way of anger or being standoffish.

It is in these situations that we have one of the best opportunities to bring a change to our marriage. We can choose to deal with strife in our relationship by being more considerate. By being more patient. By being more compassionate. In doing so, we will minimize the fallout of these situations. We will limit the effects to just the issue at hand rather than turning a single issue into two or more conflicts that need to be dealt with.

When you face an argument or a disagreement with your wife, deal only with the issue before you. Deal with it calmly and kindly. Don’t bring up past issues. Don’t invade another country, as it were, for the sake of issue dodging or defensiveness. By being a better man, a man who is safe and stable, you will give your wife a sense of security. You will give her an opportunity to be her best as well. You will both be at your best. Still different, but still your best.


7 Responses to The difference between men and women

  1. Very good points. Communication is a very key ingredient to a lasting relationship. With that said, couples should be able to discuss work without bringing work home with them. It’s one thing to explain to your spouse that you had customers that did this or a boss that expected that. Additionally, if there is open communication between spouses there shouldn’t be need to bring up past issues. Hopefully the couples can work out their problems and resolve the issue when it happens so that it doesn’t come back later and just escalate in size with a new issue. Still very much enjoying your writing Ken. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my story, it’s only my 3rd blog, and I am by NO means any kind of relationship expert. Great stuff you have here, as far as this blog, it’s an ongoing struggle to keep the communication open rather then try and “invade”. File that under MUCH easier said than done. God Bless


  3. Great post! Have you heard of Mark Gungor? He does marriage counseling seminars and he is hilarious! Check him out here talking about the difference between women’s brains and men’s brains:

  4. Maria says:

    This is such sound advice for all men and even the women. I have been reading your blog for last few days and like the way you put down things.

    Now, only if i could get my husband to read this. I did tell him yesterday ” Look what a nice blog” and as soon as he saw the name – ‘What she needs from you’ he was on his guard 🙂 and i was…”oh! this is not how to ask for that big rock for my fingers…its something more meaningful” 🙂

    Thanks for your posts.

  5. Des says:

    I heard an interview with John Gray about his theory with respect to the differences between men and women and how chemicals like oxytocin and testosterone play their role in our lives. It truly is amazing how unique we are gender wise, yet need each other for completeness.

  6. Barbi says:

    If my husband would listen to your theory on how to deal with an upset wife, It might never have got to my blog-
    “be quiet when I’m holding a (paring) knife!”

  7. Dorothy watson says:

    I am enjoying the wisdom and insight from a male perspective that you offer,and think that it is about time that we get a man’s eye view of the world.I only hope that you eventually “let us in” and tell us what men REAlly feel about women and relationship issues.

    Livin’ in hope,

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