Change your world

Every one of us has the ability to change the world. No, we won’t likely end world hunger or stop nuclear proliferation but we can change the world nonetheless. We can change the world by changing our world. If we care enough.

I can give you the easy ones, like Oprah opening the girl’s school in South Africa, but you might think it was only possible because of her money and notoriety. I could give you Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King, who literally changed the world one person at a time. But again, I am afraid that might sound like something bigger than we personally are capable of.

But who among us doesn’t know a family that has adopted a child and given them a home they would not have known without their generosity. Or whose family or close circle of friends does not include a young single mother who chose to keep and raise a baby that the world has clearly devalued to the point of insignificance. I can assure you that the world was changed by each of these decisions as well.

So what about you? Are you willing to change the world? Are you willing to change your world? Are you willing to change the world for your wife and kids?

It does not take some heroic act of strength or might. It only takes a heroic act of courage to love someone when you are scared of being hurt again. It only takes a commitment of your time to change the life of your kids.

Make a stand that will change the world today and forever. Give your wife your undying love and commitment. Show her that nothing will stand between the two of you. That together, as one, you will make a better home, a better family, a better marriage. The rippling effect of that commitment will change the world for your family. And the love from your family will change the world whether you understand what those changes are or not.


2 Responses to Change your world

  1. nikhamilton says:

    This is an inspiring post. I think you’re a gifted writer. Keep it up!
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog. I have enjoyed reading yours. It’s great to hear more thoughts from other Christians around the globe.
    I especially love how you’ve encouraged us that no “small” act of service towards God is too small. Changing the world with one life at a time. It’s beautiful and has served as a reminder to me to be on the lookout for the downtrodden and forgotten of this world.
    Thank you and come back to my blog anytime as I believe I will to yours. A great resource to the men around the world. Nice journalling!

    • Ken Kendall says:

      Thanks Nik,

      Thanks for compliment on my writing. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed writing until I began this two months ago. I hadn’t really written anything for enjoyment in at least 25 years.

      Since starting this, I have also begun a novel. It feels great.

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