Princess for a day

Today’s post really has nothing to do with what a man can do for his wife to make her feel loved. It could certainly help a man who is getting married though.

Janine and I are starting to get our photos back from our wedding and have watched our wedding video a number of times lately. While doing so, we have watched myriad other wedding videos on the site where ours is hosted.

While watching all these videos, something really amazed me. Every woman in every video looked beautiful. Now I will have to say that none looked as beautiful as my wife did on our wedding day, but nonetheless, every bride was beautiful. I kept having her click on more and more to see if it was really true.

After watching at least a dozen weddings, I was overwhelmed with the fact that at least for one day in every woman’s life, she gets to be beautiful. She gets to be a princess. And that made me happy. It made me happy for all women but most of all it made me happy for my daughters.

I have always tried to encourage, honor, adore and praise my daughters for all of their gifts and abilities. But I really am looking forward to honoring them as a princess and a bride on their wedding day.

I hope that whoever they marry, will in fact ascribe to all the things I talk about here and all the other ones I don’t even know, that will make my daughters feel like princesses for the life of their marriages.


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