Men and women alike.

I have had the pleasure of receiving many comments from people who have pointed out the fact that much of what I say is not advice that is solely applicable to or should it be inferred to be only to men. I agree. Almost across the board, every suggestion I post, and they are only my suggestions and my opinions, though they are based on my own historical evidence and results, could be addressed to all people, men and women alike.

Much of what I write about is how all people should treat all other people. Every one of us should show respect and kindness to others. Each of us would do well in this world to encourage those we love, those we work with, and all those we have relationships with.

The reason I specifically target the audience I do, that being married men, is that I have not had the opportunity to find a great number of people struggling with and seeking answers to how they should treat other people in general. But people in marriages do often struggle, because of the closeness and daily involvement with their spouses, with how to improve their marital relationships.

Having only experienced the struggle as a man myself, and finding that for me, I can identify with the men in this situation, I chose to address that point of view. That being said, it does not in any way invalidate the argument that women would be well served to do the same.

So to all of you reading these posts, please feel free to read them as being less gender specific, though they are not written that way, and apply all of the suggestions to your own relationships, as best you can, to improve whatever relationship you are in.

My intent from the beginning, and remaining to this day, is to offer helpful suggestions to all that might be in need of ideas and applications in better handling their relationships.

Any offense that might be taken, is not intended and it is with the utmost respect to all that I post these thoughts. I appreciate every one of you that comments, equally to those that agree, those that disagree, and all those in between.


One Response to Men and women alike.

  1. reesielady says:

    I know that I definately use alot of what you say in my relationship and if I’m ever having problems or anything I use your blog as advice. I’m a female and I’m gay. I never felt that your advice was strongly toward men only. Also with that said, thank you. 🙂

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