Shout out for your husband.

I have heard many great stories about the great things husbands have done for their wives. I hope all you wives that read this blog will start to acknowledge them here regularly. Tell everyone how great your husband his. How he shows you he loves you. What he does that makes your marriage better.


4 Responses to Shout out for your husband.

  1. srhsmles says:

    My husband is AMAZING!! I have started my own blog here at and a series of posts titled 100 Reasons Why I Love My Husband. =) I don’t really have a “great” story, but through all the crazy changes over the years, my husband shows me his love by staying right by my side.

  2. Amy says:

    It has been 5 years now…I love my husband very much he and I work together in the 1-5 yr old Sunday School. He brings home flowers or a gift really when I least expect it! He is always doing something for me. He is also a fabulous father!

  3. Jill F. says:

    27 years of marraige and eight beautiful children and my husband has cheerfully given of himself to his family and to his wife(me!) over and over again…and bless his daddy heart he is happily adopting a little boy out of foster care at the age of 52!! As his wife I feel so loved to see him wanting to expand our family even more and to love a little fatherless boy.

  4. stocktoc says:

    This is awesome! I’m working now on (another) post about how wonderful my husband is, and I wandered over to this site from a friend’s page. But if you want to read about how great my B is, wander over sometime and read about our adventures and misadventures through life and our marriage (5 years strong!).

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