Shout out for your wife

I really want to encourage all men to give their wives praise for the great things they do. Many of them go unnoticed or are under-appreciated, but let’s stop that here. Let’s stop that today.

Take just a minute and tell everyone about something your wife did recently that you truly appreciate. Give it life by acknowledging her efforts.

You will find me doing the same thing here as well.


3 Responses to Shout out for your wife

  1. Ken Kendall says:

    I wanted to get things started. One of the things that my wife does that is so different than most everyone I know is, she really gets to know people. I guess you could say she studies them.

    The best thing that comes from this is Janine buys the most thoughtful gifts. I mean they are always exactly what the person would want. She knows the person, their interest, their tastes, and gives them gifts that are perfect.

    I tell everyone that the single greatest material possession I have is my Kindle reader. There is nothing I enjoy more to do for myself than to read. I read fiction, non-fiction, self-help, magazines, almost anything will do. She got that for me.

    That is only one of many examples of how observant she is of others. It makes her a great person. And a great wife.

  2. scn0681 says:

    I have to brag on my wife. We both just graduated college in the last year, and as a tax accountant, I had my first tax season last spring. I worked up to 60 hours per week; sometimes 65. What’s amazing about my wife is that during the duration of tax season, she was in her third trimester for our first child. She was always so supportive of me even though she was going through so much with the pregnancy. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have her in my life, always supporting everything I do.

  3. Zero Tolerance Man says:

    How pathetic! The fact that you even need a wife at all shows how weak you are

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